Thai cuisine, pulled apart,
questioned, and reimagined

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NORA is about Thai cuisine, its history and its future. We aim to present a dining experience that is equally familiar, curious and thought provoking. If we can achieve a balance between history, ingredient, imagination, creativity and taste then we have gone some way to honouring what we love about our cuisine and culture.

Our 10 to 12 course menu is built to present a balance of Thai flavours into a series of perfect bites. Working from a foundation of Thai cuisine, we marry unfamiliar ingredients and progressive techniques to create dishes that are intricate, original and stimulating.

What goes up must come down, beneath the ground / Tagliatelle of oyster not oyster / Tom yum prawn (add extra egg $2) part I / Too many italians and only one asian / Daft Punk is playing in my mouth / FAF bread / Duck and Hide / Sorry I'm crabby today / No rice no life - an ode to the rice farmers of Thailand / Almost burnt tart / Tom yum prawn (add extra egg $2) part II / Thai cupcake being westernised / Study of perspective.

At NORA our pairings are not just an addition to our food but a line that completes the circle of the menu. Presenting hand crafted juices and infusions alongside matched alcoholic pairings, our drinks are curated to add an extra dimension to the dining experience.

Our space is small, humble and intimate. Our team is a family of dedicated staff who share a desire to present an experience that is uniquely NORA - one that inspires, challenges and satisfies - leaving you keen to return and do it all again.

"..flavour explosions that come from every angle but end up making complete sense." Michael Harden, Gourmet Traveller - 2016

"in our routine lives it's refreshing to feel such wonder at the possibilities of food." Kelly Eng, Time Out - 2016

"the culinary equivalent of closing your eyes and leaning back into space." Dani Valent, The Age - 2016

"This is Nora, and it's like nothing you've seen before." Dan Stock, Herald Sun - 2016

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